Simplicity is often difficult to achieve.

Jet Boat

A boat dealer contacted us with an interesting challange. He had a client with a 24’ Jet boat where he wanted to install an autopilot system to control the boat during long navigation travels. The dealer selected a Garmin system for the electronics, but didn’t like their clutch and steering actuator system.

Garmin Autopilot

The “factory” autopilot mechanical drive system is a small hydraulic pump, piston, and reservoir combination which requires a lot of time and resources to set up and maintain. Not only was the original unit very expensive, it required two separate components (clutch and actuator), it is cumbersome and difficult to set up.

Our solution was to use a version of our 723 series actuator that is sealed, has a built-in clutch, and is designed for wet and rugged environmental applications. We sent them the actuator and found out that not only did the Garmin system control our 723 series actuator, but that it worked right out of the box.

Actus 723 Series actuator

The Actus 723 series actuator solution connected to the Garmin system, was more rugged and weather-proofed, required only one component, and easily plugged in to the autopilot and 12V electrical system. We were also able to save him and his client money, improving everyone's bottom line!

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