RZR with actuator control

An existing client of our 722 ERC actuator who specializes in adapting vehicles for the physically challenged had a need for different actuator.  Although they appreciated the fail-safe options provided by the clutch feature of our ERC actuators for many of their applications, they encountered a situation that required that the actuator lock in its current position in the event of a loss of power or other system failure.   Because of size constraints the existing 722 ERC actuator was the only solution.  They also wanted maintain the speed, accuracy, force, mounting and reliability of our 722 ERC actuator, except without the clutch feature.  

Electric Actuator on vehicle

In less than two months, we developed, tested, released and delivered a direct drive version of our ERC actuator(s) to meet their needs.  This allowed our client to finish his build and get his adapted vehicle to their customer ahead of schedule.